The project

150 years after the birth of Maria Montessori and over 100 years of the Montessori Method we fix the moment, as in a time capsule and analyze the relevance of the Method, of its evolution, which leads it to spread throughout the world, in completely different cultures and ways of life.

The project involves the realization of a series of days-event in the cities of Montessori schools in Italy, Albania, The Netherlands, China, North America, and Australia. The events to be carried out in the presence and remotely, will lay the foundations for the creation of a real “database” that will spread the Method in the world.

Will be used audiovisual contributions, interviews, testimonials made for the occasion in the Montessori schools on-site during the three days before the event.

The video contents will introduce the topics to be addressed between trainers, pedagogues, teachers, theoreticians of the methods, and practical actuators. They will give life to a concrete confrontation to tell and pass on how the ideas of the last century continue to form the basis for the formation of generations of self-sufficient, aware, curious, and receptive children, who have become and will become the new ruling classes of the world.

The events will be video recorded for all their duration and made available on the site.

A project that wants to celebrate a colossus of Italian Culture and Science, with the most modern eye of the present, to become an archive of the future.